Saturday, July 12, 2014


So even though I've been going to the gym at least every second day, one thing I'm going to insist on getting for the new house is resistance bands.

This one I found on Amazon is amazingly priced and honestly has every attachment necessary. The ones I've used in the past lack ankle straps, making it very difficult to use them for toning the legs and glutes. It's also difficult to attach most resistance bands to doors or other stationary items, but this pack includes that as well.

The great thing about resistance bands is having a series of different weights without taking up the room that all the weights would. They're simple to use and have limitless ways to work out with them. The crab walk with these is my personal favorite!

If you've ever wanted to work out at home, considered buying a machine or weights, ignore all that and get these! Small, lightweight, interchangeable for different workouts, varying strength options and as inexpensive as a fortnight of gym membership! 

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