Friday, August 29, 2014


The doctor's appointment yesterday was far less brutal than I was anticipating. Not that I actually expected it to be painful, just that the wait beforehand and the lead up to it had my nerves going wild. 

We decided on a half dose of my old medication, fluoxetine (brand name Lovan in Aus and Prozac in America). Seeing as the smallest dose available is 20mg, which was my old dosage, we discussed the option of using one capsule every second day.
One common misconception about this medication, and one that I myself was fooled into believing, is that you can't miss a day of your dose. On the packet it even says "do not stop taking this medication abruptly", however the actual drug itself is incredibly slow acting and lasts for longer than most of the other common SSRI's, which is why withdrawal symptoms normally don't present themselves until 3-7 days after the last pill taken. 

So by taking 1x20mg capsule every second day I will effectively be on 1x10mg every day. 

There was more to what I wanted to say but I just had a massive brain fart and lost my train of thought.

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