Monday, August 18, 2014

Mourning Is Selfish

As much as I understand that having a death in the family can be incredibly difficult for some people, I don't understand why certain individuals use their grief as an excuse for poor behavior or attitude.

Let me tell you a story. By the time I was 18 all my grandparents had passed away and I was already living away from home, not by choice, this was as a result of events that occurred after the passing of my last grandparent.

The funerals were almost a family reunion because of the little family we have left, none of them care to stay in touch with any other branch of the family tree.
At funerals I had to hold a straight face and be the emotional support for my mother. By mimicking my grandmother in her final days I was needed to lighten the mood.

Granted, I was never very close with any of my grandparents, but what I do know about them isn't exactly favorable.

Obviously I understand that when a love person passes you need some time to miss them, but just think about someone else's situation. At least you had that member of your family to begin with. At least you were able to be close enough to that person to feel the need to mourn and grieve. 
And at the end of the day, that person's passing doesn't give you the right to mope around and make excuses for things you don't want to do. It frustrates me to no end that some people actually think that the grieving process involves blaming a person's death for your inability to get on with life.

Quit thinking about death and get back to living! Be thankful that it wasn't you. 

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