Friday, May 29, 2015


So in my most recent vlog I spoke about original thoughts and content.

I actually find it hilarious to think that people still believe they can make a video or have a thought that is entirely original. To think that there won't be anyone else that's done it before. More over, that people making videos or thinking things similar to you are doing it simply to copy you.
The thought itself is incredibly selfish.
Other people will have things in common with you, and that's hardly them wanting to copy you or have anything even to do with you.

I have a friend who makes YouTube videos in the beauty community. I introduced her to Bellabox, and suggested she did unboxings too (as I have a significantly larger audience than her and wanted to help her out).
This is because I value my content and my personal point of difference enough to know that even if she is doing the same kind of video as me, mine will still get the same amount of views.
Copy me all you like! I'm unique, and it won't change anything.

And even if you do copy me directly, I probably copied the idea indirectly off someone else.
There is nothing original anymore.

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