Monday, June 1, 2015

Live Fitness

A lot of people seem to think that fitness is purely doing exercise and dieting, forgetting that the body is an incredible machine that needs multiple components to function well.
Exercise and nutrition are normally the initial reasons a person may gain weight, but when it comes to losing it or looking after your health, you really need to live fitness.

Sleep and mood play a massive role in your health and fitness, and can also be causing weight gain. If you aren't sleeping correctly, you're more likely to make poor food decisions and be lacking in energy for exercise.
Mood and stress levels play a massive role as well! If you're stressed out, the hormone cortisol will actually cause you to store fat, and as we all know (women especially) low mood almost always leads to emotional eating!

Exercising regularly can help regulate these, but if there is an underlying stressor that is causing your problems it needs to be addressed.

Your health is important, you are important!
So start living fitness, look after yourself, feed yourself good foods, treat yourself to a good workout and get a good routine down! If you're stressed out, take the time to look after yourself, don't force yourself to exercise when you're not in the mood, enjoy a good sauna/bath and meditate!

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