Saturday, June 6, 2015


Yes, that cringe-worthy word!
Everyone hates the idea of dieting. Hell, even I do!
But without a specific plan on what you're going to eat it is so easy to make poor choices!

So I've taken it upon myself to act as a guinea pig. I am going to try a week of eating strictly within my macros, making sure to stick to the meal plan I have set out for myself.

My current stats:
Weight - 53kg
Goal (not honestly, but I'm hopeful) - 49kg
Height - 162cm (ish)
Activity level - Active

Calorie and macro goals:
Total daily calories - 1,460
Carbs - 183g (50%)
Protein - 73g (20%)
Fat - 49g (30%)

Watch this space! I'm going to be sharing "A Day In The Diet" - including basic recipes, taste tests, feelings, blah blah.

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