Saturday, June 6, 2015

Your Past, Present & Future Health

I'm sure many of you are already well aware that what you've done in the past affects the person you are today and the choices you make in the future. Neuroplasticity is a tricky word, but an easy concept. The more you make a certain decision, the easier it is.

Today I want to walk you through some basic questions that you can answer to see how your past has created your present and will shape your future when it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition.
Keep this relevant to your current health and fitness goals; if your goal is to drop 2 dress sizes, don't think about all the times you fell sick with a cold.

How have diets worked for you in the past? What has been your experience with dieting?
How confident do you feel about achieving your goal? When you picture yourself achieving your goal, does it seem believable?
What do you already know about nutrition and healthy eating?
How have you achieved your goal previously and how is that different to your life currently?
What are the barriers you can see to achieving your goal?
How can you work to remove that barrier?
What have you learnt from your past experiences with dieting/exercising/the last time you achieved your goal?
What do you think triggers you to make unhealthy decisions/choices that go against your goal?
What do you find helps you stay on track with your goal?
List all your strengths; how can you apply these strengths to achieving your goal?

A lot of this is simple mindfulness, when you have an unhealthy thought, try to accept that you've had that thought and let it pass you by. When you are really struggling to stay positive about your goals and your ability to achieve them, simply go through your strengths again and work to make them apply to achieving your goals.

It may also help to download a mindfulness/meditation app to your phone.

Try and find more ways to be conscious of your decisions; why are you having that for lunch? How does it work in with your goal? Remember, there are only 2 categories a food choice can fall in: working toward your goal or against it.
Understanding this and then learning from how you made that decision will help you make better choices in the future (eg chicken and veg for lunch, working towards goal, made the decision because of a reminder on the fridge OR chicken nuggets for lunch, working against goal, made the decision because of an outing with friends.)

Of course if you have any questions at all I am more than happy to help you with this! Please email me for information on pricing and options!

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