Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In The Works...

So as you guys should know I have moved recently, and have absolutely no furniture aside from my bed.
I'm currently in the process of picking out furniture and designing my room to fit all my needs.

As I'm in the process of organizing my life and removing the clutter from my room (which can't be done without furniture), the only videos I am able to create are vlogs.
However, by the time I have all my furniture and my room decorated and designed the way I want it, I will have a video idea for every week of the year for both the gaming channel and the beauty channel, and I will marathon filming, editing and uploading them and putting them on a schedule.

That way I will always have content up for you guys and as new ideas come up you get additional content as opposed to getting random uploads like you do currently.

I'm incredibly excited for this, as YouTube and video creation has been a massive part of my life for years now, and I've recently made the commitment to really working on it in the hopes of going "full time".
I have 2 incredible cameras being rented currently in order to product the most amazing content possible for you and I am actually spending time trying to perfect my ideas and my videos in order to be better.
Get excited and stay tuned on all my channels; hairyfrankfurt, ThisGamerGirl and MsAverageKate to make sure you see everything I make for you!
Also keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates from me on video creation and you can all add me on Snapchat now too! I'm hairyfrankfurt on there too :)

Get excited!!

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