Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

Happy New Years everybody!
It's 9:30pm on NYE here in Sydney and I am absolutely emotionally and psychologically exhausted from the year we just had.

So much happened!
The year before ended with me being terribly depressed about my future. Not knowing where I was going or what I was doing. I was being pushed by someone close to me at the time to apply for office jobs and, having had no experience doing anything in an office, suffered severe stress in doing so.
I was exercising on a daily basis, following a strict diet and came to the conclusion that I wanted to study fitness and become a personal trainer. My trainer at the time encouraged this idea saying I'd be great for it and that he'd help me with it.
New Years Day I was so hung over I couldn't move without throwing up.
I studied fitness and loved it.
While I was studying fitness someone very close to me went into major surgery (with poor preparation) and I was unable to be there for them.
I got into some legal complications which I cannot speak of here.
I started working at the gym I used.
My relationship failed.
I broke two teeth (yeah, I never told you about that, terrible story, I fell face first onto pavement and shattered two teeth)
I started training 3 times a day to cope with the emotional stress of my breakup.
I suffered a spinal injury and had to stop training completely.
Not training caused more emotional pain.
I tried dating. (Oh God how I hate dating!)
I had photoshoots.
I experimented more with drugs.
I attended PAX Aus.
I got VIP to the Twitch Party at PAX Aus.
I went to my first YouTube event.
I went partying on the Gold Coast for the first time.
I spent almost an entire year without visiting my family.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my list (which is by no means extensive and definitely leaves a lot unmentioned) I spent the first day of 2015 stupidly hung over, so the last day of 2015 I have spent bettering myself to an extent. I've sought out assistance and had some great news from that which I will find out the result of early next year, and I spent time with family.
I helped my dad make our old Christmas feast (as I spent Christmas day with my mum and brother this year)
Next year is going to be full of much better things that I can't wait to anounce, but in the meanwhile I'll write a list of simple things that are on my goals list.

Livestream weekly - JUST FUCKING DO IT!
Upload weekly on hairyfrankfurt and ThisGamerGirl - (again) JUST FUCKING DO IT
Finish writing a book
Start an online personal training program
Photoshoots every month
Paid sponsorship
Be honest and open with people. (No not the sad and scary stuff, just your intentions and feelings)
Relationship? - More on this, it's a long story
Life improvement mechanism that can't be discussed until finalized (sorry that was vague. I don't know yet either!)
Higher quality productions
Massive collab project (man I'm excited for this)

Honestly I'm looking at this and it's a list of things I really do what to commit to and I'm honestly unsure as to how I'm going to find time for all of it, but where there's a will there's a way.
I am so incredibly determined to do these things that I don't really care what it takes. 

You may notice I have most of my attention on my online business and not so much on my in-gym personal training. 
As it stands currently I have no idea what I'm doing with all of that and it all hinges on the "life improvement mechanism that can't be discussed until finalized" but I definitely don't want to let my training and talents go forever. I do love personal training and I could honestly see myself doing it forever, however, with my injury and being unable to train personally right now it is very difficult for me to get immersed in it. I do plan on healing my back and having that get better in order to be able to train again but I can't guarantee that it will cooperate with me entirely so at the moment it's all just hoping.

Now that all this is out there, happy New Year everybody. I hope you have an incredible night and an amazing 2016

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